Clippin my way through the web

This blog is my dumping ground for news items and articles. It is a support for my Abandon Skip blog. It's a quick and dirty clippings blog. Each clipping is tagged for ease of retrieval, hopefully.

The important items will find their way onto Abandon Skip.

The Labels, Archive and Search features have also been changed to "list view" to make it easier to skim through and find what you're looking for.

If you are another blogger, feel free to steal clips. I am so lazy there is no telling when, or if, I will put them on the main blog.

PS - if anyone knows a better way to "tag and bag" clippings then please leave a comment. I had a look at bookmarking sites such as and, but they didn't leave me warm and fuzzy - couldn't stand the fonts, colours, clutter and constraints. Google Reader is getting there: it allows tagging articles but you can't add comments, and the public view is way too primitive.

UPDATE: apologies for the messy sprawling tag vocabulary - I got carried away. I will simplify it as time permits.

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