Kosovo: Civil War In The Balkans


The Green Arrow On The Civil War In The Balkans .....

Now that, with the aid of the European Union and our shameful actions in the 90's, Kosovo is now over 90% Muslim. The Christians have either been exterminated or forced to flee into Serbia for their lives. Those Christians unable to leave are murdered daily and all while Nato troops stand by and watch.

It does not matter what individual soldiers might think. The plan was always to hand Kosovo, the motherland and spiritual homeland of the Serbs over to the invading hordes of Islam from Albania. All part of the Grand Plan to destroy the Christian Nationalist in that part of the world and pave the way for Eurabia.

In previous posts I have mentioned our air forces shameful actions in the bombing of Belgrade. I wrote about America dictating to Serbia that her only choice was to give up her land and become part of Europe. All part of the plan to build the New World Order.

Now, within a week, the Kosovo Muslims, now that they have almost removed all traces of Christianity from their stolen land will declare Independence.

And what then? Will the proud Serbs who fought alongside us in the 2nd World War and suffered terrible reprisals from the Nazi SS Muslim divisions, fight or give up their most sacred hand to the Cult of the Dead Paedophile?

And if they choose death and honour, will we bomb Belgrade again? Would the Russians stand by and watch us bomb a country that they are friendly to?

Will the Balkans be the start of the Civil Wars that are shortly to erupt across the World?

We wait. And let us hope that the Christians in this Country see the evil of Islam and tell their pink frock wearing clergy where to go and like Paul, practise his teachings and question the things that they have been taught.