Fruit shortage forces export plan rethink
Wed Jun 25, 2008

A bold plan to export 40,000 tonnes of citrus to Asia this year by South Australian Riverland growers has been shelved because of a lack of fruit.

Working under Planearl Proprietary Limited, growers Bill Lekakis and Ros McLintock met Asian delegates earlier in the year to organise a deal.

Mr Lekakis says, despite interest from local growers, drought and low water allocations have meant there is not enough fruit to export.

He says the pair will now look over the South Australian border to achieve the export deal.

"We have to look at the other side of it and that is to then purchase fruit from interstate," he said.

"Unfortunately the Riverland hasn't got the fruit there, so it means that we'll have to just take it from interstate which is Victoria and New South Wales."