NSW: Ambulance Service bullying because 'white'


(ABC never mentions race, except for career white guys: the three modern day evils)

Fri Jul 4, 2008

The chief of the New South Wales Health Department has admitted pockets of bullying and harassment exist within the Ambulance Service.

A State Parliament inquiry is examining the management and operations of the service. The inquiry's chairwoman, Liberal MP Robyn Parker, says most of the 150 submissions received concern complaints by ambulance officers of bullying and intimidation.......

"However, I do believe that there are pockets of bullying and harassment in that organisation and I believe we have to work diligently to stamp that out."......

She says the most common bullies are statistically likely to be white males aged between 30 and 50, who have been employed in one organisation for some time.

"Of note, the Ambulance Service staffing profile is predominantly white male," she said.

Professor Picone says that is slowly changing......