Russia: An Eye for an Eye, Islam on the Streets

July 14, 2008

The story below was told to me by a Russian friend, a most respectable and upstanding person, and so I have no reason to doubt its veracity.... I've typed it below pretty much as he told me over dinner a few nights ago... At the end, some readers might think, ``Well, whatever happened to `Turn the other cheek''... That's a valid comment; but when violent and fanatical Muslims take their malicious plans and aspirations into one's own front yard, the right to self defense is even more valid.


Once, two years ago, my 60-year old uncle was walking down Nevsky Prospect late at night. He was in a good mood. Now, I have to say that uncle is a big man, a geologist, and is used to living in rough conditions in Siberia.

There weren't many people on the street that night/ early morning. Uncle was enjoying the beauty of St. Petersburg's historical center when suddenly he came across a man brutally beating a young woman. He went up to the man and asked what he was doing. The man answered with curses, in a thick accent, telling him to get lost or his Chechen brothers would come and kill him.

Uncle thought to himself there was no way he would let a punk of any nationality or creed brutally beat a young Russian woman. So uncle set upon him and settled the matter quickly. Within seconds, however, four more Chechens drove up, got out of the car and jumped on uncle. Two guys held his arms behind his back while the other two punched. They punched him and kicked him, and told him to say, ``Allah Akhbar''.

Bloodied and semi-conscious, uncle thought to himself: ``there is no way I am going to praise a false Muslim god on the main street of MY city.'' Uncle did nto capitulate, and never said what the Muslims wanted of him. They beat him senseless and left him unconcsious and bloodied.

It was late night. Uncle lay there for some time. The few people who passed by didn't help. When he came to, he managed to get up and stumbled home. Like many Russians he rightfully fears doctors and hospitals, and having spent much time living in the wilds of Siberia, he began to heal himself. With the help of his son he bandaged his broken ribs, and other wounds. Days went by and uncle's condition worsened, and he called his family to say he was dying.

He wanted to die in peace, and realized there was something he had to do. The next day he asked his son to bandage his wounds again, and this time to make the layer thicker and tighter. He didn't tell his son Why... Without telling his family, the next day he left the house, and went back to the same spot where he had been beaten. Sure enough he recognized two of the Chechen thugs hanging out... this was their `territory'... Uncle went up to them and began to beat the crap out of them. He beat them repeatedly and mercilessly... until they screamed out: ``Jesus is Lord''...

Satisfied, Uncle left them, and went home. He requickly recovered from his wounds, and is alive and well today.