Man taped organising 'mujahideen' walk,25197,23484512-2702,00.html

April 04, 2008

AN alleged member of a Muslim terror cell was recorded organising a visit to bush near Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport to "be mujahideen".
In the intercepted telephone call played to a Victorian Supreme Court jury yesterday, Bassam Radd, 26, telephoned another alleged member of the group, Ezzit Raad, 26, to invite him on the “night walk”.

“We're gonna go into ... the bush where Tullamarine airport is,” said Bassam Radd. “We just gonna ... go there, run through there.”

When Ezzit Radd laughingly replied “you are psychos”, Bassam Raad responded: “I swear, but we have to be mujahideen, man.”

Ezzit Radd then warned that mujahideen was the wrong word to use over the telephone.

Bassam Radd replied: “I just thought that after I said it.”