UK: "no more mosques"

"No More Mosques”

A sane voice has been raised within the governing body of the Church of England.

Needless to say, the sane member of the General Synod is not a clergybeing, but a lay person. Unlike the clergy — who are susceptible to pressure from the PC Anglican hierarchy — lay people are harder to tamp down and keep under control.

Ms. Alison Ruoff is certain to bring down the wrath of — well, of someone, since Anglicans don’t really believe in God anymore — for speaking the plain truth. According to The Daily Telegraph:

Mrs Ruoff, speaking in an interview with Premier Radio, the Christian radio station, said: "No more mosques in the UK. We are constantly building new mosques, which are paid for by the money that comes from oil states.

"We have only in this country, as far as we know, 3.5 to four million Muslims. There are enough mosques for Muslims in this country, they don't need any more.

"We don't need to have sharia law which would come with more mosques imposed upon our nation, if we don't watch out, that would happen. If we want to become an Islamic state, this is the way to go.

"You build a mosque and then what happens?

"You have Muslim people moving into that area, all the shops will then become Islamic, all the housing will then become Islamic and as the Bishop of Rochester has so wisely pointed out, that will be a no go area for anyone else.

"They will bring in Islamic law. We cannot allow that to happen."