Vic: police fudging crime rate figures,21985,23509393-5014265,00.html

April 09, 2008

PREMIER John Brumby has consistently praised Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon for cutting Victoria's crime rate by 23.5 per cent.

But many police responding to the Herald Sun survey said crime statistics were recorded in a way that means far more offences are committed than are ever made public.

And they said force hierarchy manipulated statistics to make it look as though there was no shortage of operational officers.

"There has to be an end to the manipulation and distortion of crime figures so that the people of Victoria have a realistic view of what crimes are being committed where, and so resources are allocated to where they are needed," one officer said.

Another called for less "fudging of crime statistics" by command.

"It is obvious that crime is not being reduced. However, police command continue to claim it is, in order to satisfy the requirements of their contracts," the officer said.