Migrants contribute to rapid Australian population rise


Mar 31, 2008

New figures show that at least half of Australia's rapid population growth is accounted for by migrants.

Australia's population is growing at its fastest rate in almost 20 years, reaching 21 million last year.

While many of the new arrivals come from traditional sources such as Britain and New Zealand, migrants increasingly come to Australia from India and China........

With some Pacific nations already experiencing an increasing number of floods, which climate experts warn may be caused by global warming, Senator Evans says Australia will have a responsibility to look after so-called 'climate refugees' from the region.

"Australia as - if you like - the superpower in the area would have to take some lead responsibility in helping those island nations respond," he said.

"There's been very little in the way of detail worked out, but I think people are conscious that it may well emerge as an issue over the next 10 to 20 years."