Video of Arab gun-toting gang released

New footage of gun-toting gang released

Tuesday, 08 Apr 2008 10:28am

Detectives investigating a potentially fatal shooting in Yagoona last year have established a link with an incident in Surry Hills almost three weeks earlier.

A 50-year-old man was sitting in his car on Rose Street, Yagoona, about 3.30am on Friday 21 September and was due to start work installing fiberoptic cable in the area.

‘Paul’ saw two men walking from the Hume Highway towards his workmate’s car, which was parked behind him. One of the men stood on the roadway and pointed a rifle at his workmate.

Paul started his car, with shots being fired as he tried to drive off. One of the bullets came through a window and struck him. He was hospitalised for two weeks before being released – with the bullet still lodged in the base of his skull.....

As a result of ongoing inquiries by detectives, a link has been established with a shooting in Surry Hills almost three weeks earlier, on Sunday 2 September.

CCTV has been released of an altercation outside a business about 3am on Blackburn Street involving two groups of men..........

Police are also appealing for help to identify up to four men of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance involved in the fight, who are believed to have returned to the location 90 minutes later in a white hatchback.

The white hatchback was seen idling on Blackburn Street as three friends got into their nearby car about 4.30am. The hatchback pulled alongside the trio’s car and a number of shots were fired before the hatchback sped from the scene.