Orange, NSW: 'harmony' day

03 April 2008

IN HARMONY: Members of Orange's multicultural mothers group Ashan Ayuel with Chok Nyok, Alege Aogk with Pourice Abraham, Cicih Sumarsih, Angela Reyes and Seini Piei invite the community to celebrate

Orange's last census showed a significant change in the social trend of the city.

Post World War II there was a considerable influx of migrants from Europe and in particular for this area, from Italy. Indeed, our orchard industry owes much of its success and development to our Italian migrants.

However, our migrant and refugee landscape has changed considerably in the last 10 years.

Joining with our Aboriginal community in Saturday's celebration will be migrants from places such as the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, and South Africa to name just a few.

Orange has proved itself to be a leader in encouraging migrants, often from war torn nations, to come to our city and make it their home.