Britain Besieged with illegal immigrants

Forget Government lies on immigration, this is what's REALLY going on behind our backs

HUNCHED down in wasteland near French channel ports, a flock of illegal immigrants wait their turn to be sneaked into Britain.

They are among THOUSANDS flooding in every year with shocking ease.

Today a News of the World investigation uncovers the full extent of the scandal after infiltrating a gang of traffickers who smuggle them in.

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Abdul, a Kurdish Mr Fix-it, bragged to our undercover men: "Bringing people to London is easy. The immigration are useless. We still bring in lorries full of people every week. It is a good life here in Britain, there is good money and jobs and people want to come here—always."

Last week red-faced ministers admitted 1.5 million legal foreign workers have surged into Britain since 1997—nearly double their estimate. But their failure to stop the flood of ILLEGALS is the real disgrace.


Gangmasters like Abdul and an Iraqi Kurd called Zerabi Kaled—known as Zerak—hold the controls of the illegals' floodgates. And their turf is the ports of Calais and Cherbourg.

Calais is the final staging post on the journey to Britain for thousands of Afghans, Eritreans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Indians, Turks, Sri Lankans, Ethiopians and Chinese who swell the numbers of those here legally.

Many literally arrive smelling of roses —smuggled into the country in the back of lorries hidden behind bunches of FLOWERS from Holland! Because the plants emit oxygen, the human cargo cannot easily be detected by Custom's high-tec equipment.

Zerak boasted: "It's so easy. We've been doing it for five, six years now."

He himself arrived in the UK in the back of a lorry before claiming political asylum. He pockets a fortune by cashing in on the desperation of those queueing in northern France. Over several months, we infiltrated his gang. Once convinced we were genuine, Zerak tried to recruit our men to act as drivers ferrying illegals here at £3,000 a run.