UK: Lost White Boys

via ATW

“There’s no respect for the community, just respect between friends . . .

At Fairbridge, Steve Belcher and his colleague Philip Rattigan believe that white boys lack a sense of cultural identity. “The sense of community around the black and Asian minority groups is stronger than for the white British lad,” says Rattigan, a development tutor. “Both the social community and the religious community. A young black lad who hasn’t got his father around will still have a male role model within the church or the youth centre or the community.”

Belcher talks of a sense of belonging in nonwhite communities. “Black kids are proud to be black, Asian kids are proud to be Indian or Pakistani. There’s not a lot of cultural identity for white Anglo-Saxon males.”

Several head teachers in inner-city schools tell me that, in their experience, white boys are more likely to play truant than boys from other ethnic groups. One believes that single mothers collude in truancy because they like to have a male around for company and to do shopping and odd jobs—even if he is at primary school.

In southeast London, Caralyn Betts, head of school links at Lewisham College, agrees. “There’s little sense of identity for white males. They’re often lacking a father figure, there’s a poor work record in the family, there’s no sense of people achieving and their learning needs are masked by poor attendance. There’s a sense of strong identity among ethnic minority groups. White boys are isolated.”


That’s because these “White Boys” have been sold out by their “Anglo-Saxon” government. This is what the White Feminist and Multiculturalist movements have wrought over the past 40 years in England.

How sad is it that these “White Boys” today feel so alienated and “lost” in THEIR own country when just 40 years ago they were doing just fine. It’s too bad they didn’t recognize those fast-approaching dark clouds on the horizon back then as what it really was…a cultural storm set to wash them away. Perhaps they could’ve saved themselves.