UK poll: gov't doing 'poor' job on immigration

8th November 2007

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The Government is doing a "poor" job at handling immigration, according to 72 per cent of those surveyed in a new poll.

The BBC Newsnight and Radio 5 Live survey also showed 62 per cent think Britain will lose its unique identity if immigration continues at current rates.

On immigration and employment issues, 52 per cent believe that immigration poses a threat to UK jobs, while 46 per cent think the UK economy will suffer without an influx of workers.


Employment: 52% think immigration poses a threat to jobs while 46% think the economy will suffer without it

The Government was criticised last month after it had to revise its figure for the number of foreign workers in the UK from 800,000 to 1.1 million.

The poll will feature in a debate on immigration broadcast simultaneously on Radio 5 Live and BBC2's Newsnight.

Opinion Research Business conducted a telephone survey of 1,062 adults across Britain from November 2-4.