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November 14, 2007 12:00am

TRAINS rattle past the remnants of the shrine erected for bashed Sudanese student Liep Gony as Noble Park remains in police lockdown.

All that remains of the makeshift shrine is a discarded wine bottle and withered flowers that have faded - most likely along with general community concern -- seven weeks after Mr Gony's death.

But for Noble Park locals, the Gony shrine marked an unfortunate incident that led to police targeting North African gangs terrorising the area.

While Noble Park still experiences nickel-and-dime crime such as theft, burglaries and street drug-dealing, it has been besieged this year by North African delinquents committing assaults, street robberies and armed robberies.

Residents and retailers from the main shopping precinct were living in fear.

But not at the moment.

Police armed with capsicum spray and foam patrol the train station and surrounding area on a daily and nightly basis.

The police presence has quelled, but not totally stamped out, the Sudanese gangs' activities.

Noble Park

On patrol: police officers keep an eye on the simmering scene at Noble Park train station.

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