Ahadi: Do you see a possible to reform and modernize Islam?


Do you see a possible to reform and modernize Islam without abandoning it completely?

I don't think that Islam can be reformed -- and other religions can't be either. Those who want to reform Islam can be my guest, but many have tried it and been unsuccessful. On the other hand, the modernizaton and reformation of Islam is a policy move on the part of certain European governments, in my opinion. It's just a way to justifiy working together with Islamic governments. Political Islam can't be reformed, it has to be answered with a social movement.

So you have political goals?

... we don't think that the German government should start anything with the Muslim organizations. If you look closely, you'll see that these organizations represent a policy of separation between natives and foreigners, Muslims and non-Muslims. They say that Muslims and Islam are unique. They represent shari'a law, a law that is hostile to women, children's headscarves, religions classes, and honor killings in Germany.

They cannot talk about integration. Integration means that people are people and should have an opportunity to stay and live here -- regardless of where they come from, which religion they belong to and what color skin they have.

These people's main identity is a religious identity, and that's an entirely different direction than integration.

Is it necessary to turn away from Islam in order to support the struggle of your organization?

On the one hand, there is political Islam, which is why we have the political demand that the Muslim orgnizations not get involved in politics or everyday life ...

We have turned away from religion and from Islam because Islam is very problematic and is a movement that meddles in our lives and in politics. That's why we've decided to take this path and be provocative, and we've been successful.


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Does Islam Need to Be Reformed?

Mehmet Fatih Doğrucan said...

I have cocerned my paper this topic


In an era’s closure, basically, the criteria of new coming era’s development and improvement are taken as the reference. The person, who is the basic object of the thought of the development and improvement, has come out throughout the history with a relative life style to the era. The person in the natural seeking of the development needed in the world has attributed the reasons of his realization of modernization to another class or to another class as an intellectual group. For this reason, the world modernization, in itself has always been examined in the perspective of initiation and initiators.

As The modernization of the Europe continent is explained as the product of mercantilist and bourgeois development, the aristocracy in the modernization of the island continent has a undeniable importance. As, even all the west’s effect on east was in question, the pioneers of the Turkish modernization, were going to come out in the Turkish social cultural life’s highest class. Certainly the most effective class was the Turkish army as to say the army of the “sick man” Ottoman which has the most educated and institutional existence.

The followers of the movements in the west modernization certainly were going to be formed by the people who are educated enough to observe the world of west’s social- cultural development and who have the reformist thoughts which is linked to the required extent of this education. In the leading of the Turkish army, the highest educated group searching for newness and solution, new thoughts would appear and this appearance were going to start to show themselves in the social area. The thoughts of the army members were to create a new body of the state in the old world and give a new nature to this state.

For this reason our proclamation, in the base of the realized modernization in the Turkish thinking life, is to examine the role of the Turkish army