Mina Aadi on tolerance of intolerance

March 8, 2007

In an interview with Caroline Fetscher, Iran-born womens' rights activist Mina Ahadi talks about the multiculturalism debate.

"Europe is still tolerant towards intolerance. People say Islam is simply a different culture with different social rules. When I hear politicians saying such things, even in Germany, I find it offensive. I am first and foremost a citizen and a woman, not a Muslim. And as an adult I have the right to define my own identity. False sympathy won't get us any further politically. No woman wants a 'culture' of humiliation. No woman wants violence or rape... Many European politicians are simply being naïve by tolerating young girls wearing the hijab or headscarves. Don't they ever ask themselves why the majority of Muslims remain silent on elementary issues ?"

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