Belgium Anti-Islam rally - part 3

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The Man With The Wooden Cross

Council of Europe Backs Belgian Authorities: “Europe Is Threatened by Bigots – Not by Islam” - with video

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Capital of the EUSSR By Paul Belien Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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SIOE England Organiser Speaks on Brussels

Following the events on Tuesday 11th September, I got into contact with Mr Stephen Gash, the organiser for SIOE in England, to get his take on the events in Brussels. An official view on things, if you will. Here's what he had to say about things:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brussels Demo Suppressed

I regret to have to report that the demo in Brussels did not go ahead after all. Arriving in Place du Luxembourg in good time I managed to find Stephen Gash (UK organiser for SIOE) and was thus able to make sure I wouldn't miss the beginning of the march

This is How Democracy Works in Belgiu

An Italian MEP, Mario Borghezio of the Northern League - also an anti-immigration party - was also arrested, Italian media reported. Borghezio earlier issued a strongly-worded statement criticizing the decision to ban the event.

Vlaams Belang said in a statement on its website, "Today the foreign media has again seen a fine image of how democracy works in Belgium." It also described the mayor of Brussels as an "islamosocialist."


The few accounts of this event in the American media all call the Vlaams Belang a "far right" fringe party. The truth is that the Vlaams Belang is one of the largest parties in Flanders. Videos do not show skinheads or Nazis, but men and women of all ages in business attire being confronted by black-clad police. [See video at Capital of the EUSSR, By Paul Belien, The Brussels Journal, September 11, 2007] The most prominent men arrested were Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, vice president of the Flemish Parliament; Filip Dewinter, group leader in the Flemish Parliament; and Frank Vanhecke, a member of the European Parliament. A French and Italian MEP were taken in as well ...

This incident is of special interest to me. Last year, The Robert Taft Club, which I am involved in, sponsored a speech in Washington DC given by Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke. The subject was, appropriately, "Immigration, Multiculturalism, and The End of Free Speech in Europe."

Contrary to what media would have you think, these men did not quote Timothy McVeigh or George Lincoln Rockwell; but rather Mark Steyn, Tony Blankley, and Pat Buchanan. Their speeches were not filled with anti-Semitic or racist rhetoric. They merely issued concern over the influence that Islamic immigration was having over the culture and political institutions of Europe. The tone and content was milder than that of many mainstream American conservatives—for example Michelle Malkin.


Thielemans is a member of the Parti Socialiste (PS), a Belgian party which caters for the Muslim population. The PS is the largest party in Brussels, holding 17 of the 47 seats in the city council. 10 of the 17 PS-councillors are Muslims. The PS governs Brussels in a coalition with the Christian-Democrats, who have 11 councillors, of whom 2 are Muslims and 3 are immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. Only 13 of the 28 councillors in the governing coalition of the city are native Belgians. Thielemans is the most conspicuous of these. He is an atheist who is fond of Muslims, not because he respects religious people, but because he hates Christians.

On 2 April 2005 the Brussels mayor was attending an official cocktail party with the mayor of AngoulĂȘme (France), when the news of the death of Pope John Paul II reached him. On hearing the news he ordered “Champagne for everyone!” His French colleague walked out in disgust. Upsetting Catholics has never particularly worried the Socialist mayor of Brussels, for instance when he refused to ban a play (by a Moroccan-born author) which was advertised around the country on posters portraying the Virgin Mary with bare breasts.