Is it wrong to talk about race?

VFR sept 07

A reader writes:

When reading your blog, I am struck by the number of times you and others talk about the "white race" or a "white majority." You seem fixated on race ...

Race is irrelevant. Culture is what matters. Whether a person is black or white, Hispanic or Asian, their adherence to traditional Western culture is paramount ... there is no reason why non-whites cannot be traditionalists or spearhead the Western traditionalist movement.
LA replies:
Context and numbers are everything.

A small number of people of different race can join a majority group without changing the identity of the group, because, being a small number, they act as individuals and are seen as individuals, though they will always be seen as exotics.

A massive number of people of different race fundamentally changes the whole society. Then it becomes a matter, not of individuals joining a culture, but of one group and its culture replacing another group and its culture.

This distinction is all important. You must understand it if you are to understand the immigration problem ...

As we see in places throughout the country, particularly California, when a foreign people moves in en masse, they bring their culture, their way of life, their notions of law and order, their notions of right and wrong, their ethnic and national loyalties, with them. The former majority people and their way of life are pushed aside, and a new people and way of life displace them. You may THINK that culture has nothing to do with race. But that doesn't change the fact that one people brings one culture, and displaces another people with another culture.

The only way for this not to happen is that the numbers of the newcomers must be very small. But that is not the case, is it? Nor apparently are you calling for it to be the case. You presumably want to continue the massive influx of foreign peoples into America and Britain and other Western countries, even as you tell me that I'm supposed to ignore this influx of foreign peoples and talk only about culture! ...

So you need to look at the situation that I and other race-conscious immigration restrictionists are looking at, not just at your own situation.

If you were sincere in your position that you have no desire to see the majority culture of the Western countries destroyed, you would seek drastic reductions in the numbers of the immigrants who are rapidly transforming the racial and ethnic composition of the West and thus its national cultures as well. But, again, you don't seem to be calling for such reductions. Which suggests that you want the massive immigration to continue. In other words, you, who criticize me for having a racial agenda, have your own racial agenda, which is to transform the West into a nonwhite civilization. Which leads to the question, why is my racial program to preserve the historic majority character of the West objectionable, while your program to destroy that character is ok? ...

It comes down to this. If the protestations of conservative nonwhites that they are conservatives are to be believed, they must be on the side of restricting immigration, not on the side of continuing it and increasing it.

Race is not the only thing that matters. But it does matter. And the more the numbers, the more it matters.