Sweden: Cartoonist to al-Qaeda: Bite me

via dissectleft.blogspot.com sept 07

Cartoonist to al-Qaeda: Bite me: "I have not been following the latest controversy closely but Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks pissed off al-Qaeda by drawing Mohammed as a dog. Hey, change it to a cross, put it in a urinal and you can get a grant from the U.S. government. This week's No. 1 in al-Qaeda in Iraq placed a 50,000 pounds bounty on his head. The offer is 75,000 if his throat is cut. Vilks told the Times of London: "I suppose that this makes my art project a bit more serious. It is also good to know how much one is worth." Vilks also said: "We must not give in. I'm starting to grow old. I could die at any time - it's not a catastrophe." Where is the outrage from Amnesty International over the throat-cutting? The ACLU? The Democratic Party? Oh wait, the Democrats cannot even stand up to its suicidal wing at Move On. Pretty sad when a Swedish cartoonist shows more spine than half our Senate."