USA: The long march of the footbaths

sep 07 VFR

Muslims are commanded by their god to wash their feet five times a day. If there are no special facilities, they will do it in an ordinary sink, which, as the Indy Star article points out, grosses out the other users. So naturally an institution such as the Indianapolis airport accommodates the situation by building special foot baths for the Muslims, and now Lifson complains that this represents an unconstitutional help to religion.

But whether he calls it creeping dhimmitude, or a First Amendment violation, it's not going to stop it from happening. Once a society has acquired a large population of Muslims with their very different Muslim customs, the society--one way or another--is going to end up adapting itself to them. If you don't want a society with Muslim foot baths, you have to have a society without a significant number of Muslims. If you have a society with a significant number of Muslims, you're going to have Muslim foot baths, as well as five-time-a-day Muslim prayer calls, special Muslim hours at public swimming pools, and public officials taking their oath of office on the Koran, which so mightily exercised Dennis "Open-Borders" Prager last year.

Anyone who ignores this inescapable logic is not a serious person.