Demographics - the word that will be written on the Tombstone of the White Race

sep 07 globalism

By 2050 the world's population will have grown by 2.5 billion, all Third World people.

This population explosion will more than negate all efforts the Worlds dwindling white population makes to limit global warming.

This elephant at the feast is ignored by all the mainly white delegates to conferences on global warming and world trade. China refuses to cut green house emissions, but does try to limit it's population, Africa, India and the Muslim world does nothing.

The Doha round of global trade talks only benefit the Third World. They will, if successful, destroy Europe's agriculture. Howard thinks that is great but then an Asian Australia would be perfectly acceptable to big business.

If the Third World is not prepared to limit child birth we should forget global warming because the white race will have no future.

Use all the water you want and force out of office any government, State or Federal, which does not provide desalination plants. Get the money by cutting foreign aid and forget the Third World. Labor and Liberal governments, world wide, would destroy their own race for the benefit of the Third World, destroy them if you want to survive.