Quote - Mexifornia - Lefties Everywhere

...I ask you to clearly recognize what is all around you. The shadow war is seeping into everything you hold dear. As Victor David Hanson said in Mexifornia:

" .. we have not yet experienced all the consequences of the big bang of multiculturalism, authoritarianism, Utopianism, and cultural relativism - isms that tell young people that facts, dates, people and hard data are either irrelevant, biased or simply not facts at all and that to question such dogma could be "racist" ... " [1]
And in Mexifornia the estimable Mr. Hanson points to but one of the thousands of heads on the hydra. Progressives, for instance. Anytime you read progressive know that you are dealing with the shadow war of revolutionary marxism. Even the Church is subsumed into this religion of revolutionary Marx through Liberation Theology.