USA: anti-jihad graphic novel!


sept 07 JW

Speaking of Cartoon Rage, here's some more. The main character in The Infidel, the upcoming graphic novel by the ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin, is an ex-Muslim cartoonist who creates "Pigman," a ruthless counter-jihad superhero, as a response to 9/11. His creating the Pigman comic book brings him face to face with the enemy: his born-again Muslim brother, who has become a jihadist.

Here is Pigman's principal enemy, SuperJihad.

Will the death fatwas fly when The Infidel appears? (It will be released in chapters beginning late fall 2007.) Will Pigman, or his ex-Muslim creator, be intimidated or frightened into submission if they do? Or will they stand up and fight more fiercely than ever? Oh, how will our heroes ever get out of this one? Stay tuned!