Palestinian journalist threatens over visa delay

sep 07

What is it with Muslims? They preach that Islam is the Religion of Peace yet never hesitate to use threats and intimidation when things do not go their way.

A Palestinian journalist Abdel-Bari-Atwan has failed to have a visa granted to him by Australian authorities in time to speak at a writer’s festival in Brisbane on 13th September.

Instead of accepting the decision of the Australian government he has reacted in the way that we would all by now be familiar with when dealing with Muslims.

“I believe this is a deliberate delay because I am an Arab and a Muslim” “It is ridiculous. I am not a terrorist, I am not a drug dealer, I am dealing in words and thoughts.”Atwan said.
Mr. Atwan who describes himself as a moderate can not help himself when he issues the following threat;
"This could, in fact, incite trouble for Australia because there are a billion and a half Muslims over the world and this will be publicized among those people” he said. “They are not serving the Australian peoples interests, they are not serving Australian security, they are actually doing the opposite”
Actually Abdel-Bari-Atwan you have demonstrated very nicely that moderate = violent nut job in the Muslim world, you applied for a visa to visit another country and because you were denied you responded with thinly veiled threats.