Hijab: flag of women rightlessness

feb 07

Hijab is a symbol for women rightlessness. Wherever there is Hijab, whether lawful or due to traditions, whether compulsory or “selective”, women lacks the same equal value as men. Hijab bears with itself a list of deprivations and compulsions. With Hijab, women doesn’t have an independent identity, she is only wife, sister, mother and etc, she is deprived from many jobs, she should refrain from presenting in many places and events, she is not to socialize with opposite sex, she doesn’t enjoy the same hereditary share, she doesn’t have the right to divorce, …. That’s why Hijab is a symbol for women slavery. Hijab is not a piece of clothes. Hijab is the flag of Sexual Apartheid. Wherever there is Hijab, oppression against women is unavoidable. Wherever Hijab grows, there would be more space for unequal approach to human, women and children rightlessness, and alienation of different groups. That’s why struggle against Hijab is of outmost importance. It should be so for everyone and in everywhere.