British Libraries Helping the Global Jihad

Sep 6, 2007 LGF

Here’s one of those stories that’s so absurd you’d like to be able to doubt it; but Britain’s identity crisis really is getting this bad: Report: Libraries stock Islamic terror books.

Public libraries are stocking hundreds of Islamic books by advocates of “holy war”, with many glorifying acts of terrorism, a new report claims.

Council taxpayers’ money has been spent on the books, with one library stocking works by the convicted preachers Abu Hamza and Abdullah al-Faisal. An investigation by a leading think-tank found extremist literature at six libraries, three in the London area, two in the Midlands and one in the North. It raises fears that public libraries could inadvertently fuel the radicalisation of young Muslims. ...

See also Daily Mail:

A library book on bomb-making, sir? You'll find it under Religion