Drain terror's ideological swamp: report

September 12, 2007 news.com.au

A NATIONAL plan should be developed to stop Muslims becoming radicalised - particularly via the internet - leading security experts say.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has called on governments, police and the Muslim community to do more to prevent locals becoming “homegrown terrorists”, instead of just focusing on counter-terrorism operations ...

“Countering militant radicalisation on the web would be a key focus here, devising strategies to challenge the recruitment process at the point of dissemination.” ...

“Most importantly the Islamist message on the internet can spread the problem of militant radicalisation very quickly.”

The paper also recommended four other steps that should be taken in order to combat any growth in fanaticism, including the formation of a Muslim National Security Forum to strengthen community cohesion and the “integration of trust-based community policing with counter-terrorism policing”.

The other steps recommended were the establishment of a centralised research hub, where agencies and organisations can seek information about radicalism; and have more Australian Muslims denounce extremism.