Whites: migrate to Russia

sept 07 nationalism-against-globalism: pt1 pt2

Are you Australian or are you White?

Where does your future lie?

The third world populations of India, China, Africa and the Middle East will increase by 2.5 billion in the next 40 years and they will flood into Europe and America and dominate those dying societies. Why whould white trash be given positions of power?

The white tribe needs a home land and Russia is the answer or we will disappear.

What is the answer?

Migrate to Russia. Putin is a good President he is at last pulling Russia together but he needs large numbers of people able to integrate (white) and with the skills and finance to develop Russian Industry and Agriculture.

An English farmer, Mr. Colin Hinchley, from Nottingham, has just bought a 30,000 acre farm in the Penza region in Southern Russia. He cannot make a living with the socialist controls in the E.U. and England and has had enough ...

The Russian farmers do not have the modern farming skills or finance to develop their small acreage and vast areas are up for sale.

Russia is a nation and Putin puts the welfare of his people first not that of the third world. Russia can support a billion people and if you want to be part of a white future get out of the West. According to the U.N. the third world population will rise by 2.5 billion by 2050 and many will flood into Europe, America and Australia. Europe's leaders and people like Rann in Australia are more interested in helping Africans take over Europe and Australia than the welfare of Australia's white citizens.

People will tell you that you will live off Vodka and Potatoes in Russia in conditions of extreme cold. Lies as usual, in Russia there are the resources to make a great white empire. The alternative? Become a dying minority in the Third World Global Empire which Australia will be forced to join ...