1981: Oz Turk Muslim stabs daughter in shame

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After Kemalettin Dincer stabbed his 16-year-old daughter Zerrin to death in 1981, Justice George Lush ruled that because Dincer was a devout Turkish Muslim he was likely to feel greater humiliation than an ordinary Australian father upon learning that his daughter might be having sex with her boyfriend. This was, he said, sufficient reason for such a provocation defence, based on culture. Dincer was found guilty only of manslaughter and sentenced to four years' jail. There was no public outcry.

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Kemalettin Dincer was a Turkish Muslim who stabbed his 16-year-old daughter, Zerrin, to death in 1981.

The Crown prosecutor, the late Jim Morrissey, was stunned when the judge allowed Dincer a defence of provocation, on the grounds that as a "devout Muslim" Dincer was likely to be thrown into emotional turmoil by his daughter's alleged sexual relationship with her boyfriend.