Germans tackle Nazi taboos

oct 2007

Last month, public network NDR sacked Ms. Herman, 48, the host on a flagship news program for 18 years, for saying she regretted that family values nurtured by the Nazis had been swept away.

Eva Herman was fired as a German TV host.

Eva Herman was fired as a German TV host.

The Nazis encouraged women to stay at home, look after their husbands and produce and rear children.

Last week, Ms. Herman was thrown off a talk show after refusing to apologize and pointing out Germans were still driving on roads built during the Third Reich ...

Many commentators have accused the woman, who rejects any links to far-right parties, of being provocative, dangerous and stupid, but a Forsa poll showed 25% of Germans think the Nazis had some good points.

"The insecurity about how to deal with Nazism is huge. As is ignorance. Eva Herman has unwittingly kicked off a long-neglected debate," Stern magazine wrote in a cover story.