No support for African refugees - study

October 04, 2007

DISCRIMINATION, language barriers, poor job opportunities and a lack of support are making it harder for African refugees to settle in Australia, a study has found.

The study by psychology researcher Renu Narchal, from the University of Western Sydney, examined the personal stories of 35 people who had moved from war-torn Somalia to Australia over the past eight years. Most were living in Sydney's west.

It found increasing numbers of Somali refugees were battling extreme loneliness that could lead to depression as they struggled to build a new life in Australia.

Africans found settling in Australia traumatic and isolating, as they were not used to their adopted country's way of life ...

About 9000 African refugees have settled in Sydney since 2000, with 12,000 choosing Melbourne and about 5000 each going to Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide ...

In this year's Budget, Mr Andrews committed $200 million towards refugee support services over the next four years.