birmo goes myopic on sudanese

oct 07 brisbane times

So, the dead cat is out of the bag.

Unable to make up any ground in the polls against the Opposition, the Government was always going to do what it does best. Pulling the mangy, stinking carcass of a dead cat out of an old bag to wave in everyone's faces while screeching hysterically about the dangers of dead cats.

The ex-mog in this case, was Sudanese. But in the past it's been Iraqis threatening to drown their children. Or Asians who simply didn't fit in. Or Aborigines who were going to steal your backyard, or favourite fishing spot.

Can you join the dots for JB now, kids?

That's right. Maybe I'm just a horrid, cynical bastard, but why does it seem to be that whenever the Rodent gets in trouble, be it as Prime Minister or lowly Opposition Leader waaay back in the day, the dead cat of racial politics gets pulled out of the bag ...

I live in one of the 'exhausted', 'terrorised' suburbs they're talking about and I know for a stone cold certainty that They Are Lying ...

I'm going to have to stop now because I have well exceeded my word length, and my rage is not abated. It's just getting stronger and more ungovernable with every line and I can only advise The Suspect to maintain a low profile until I calm down. Because if I see that worthless gimp skulking about here any time soon I'll give him something to be really terrified of.