UK: Beaten to death for daring to challenge

aug 07

Beaten to death for daring to challenge litter louts

A promising graduate was attacked and killed after challenging two anti-social youths who threw a half-eaten chocolate bar through his car window as he sat at traffic lights ...

The youths, described as black and aged about 18, ran off into nearby Central Hill Estate. Gipsy Hill police station is less than 100 yards away ...

Mr Anil's killing comes days after father of three Gary Newlove was beaten to death in Warrington after standing up to vandals.

Last October, father- of-two Stevens Nyembo-Ya-Muteba, 40, was stabbed to death after he was attacked by up to 12 youths when he asked them to be quiet in Hackney.

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He is not the only one. Last week, in a small town near Swansea, a man called Peter Matthews was beaten unconscious after asking the rowdy youngsters outside his home to keep the noise down.