'Osama bin London' Muslim fanatic 'trained 21/7 bombers'

11.10.07 this is london

A Muslm fanatic who mockingly called himself "Osama bin London" radicalised and trained the July 21 bombers, a court heard yesterday.

Mohammed Hamid is said to have taken his brainwashed followers on paintballing trips and training camps in the English countryside to prepare them for fighting.

Under his instruction, the young men allegedly performed military-style training, brandishing sticks as if they were guns and practising tactics to counter an armed ambush.


'Corrupter': Mohammed Hamid is said to have given his followers weapons training

One of the paintballing trips, attended by July 21 bombers Ramzi Mohammed and Hussain Osman, took place just four days before the July 7 attacks and two weeks before the two men carried out their own attempt.

On the night of July 7, 2005, after the terrorist attacks earlier that day, Hamid allegedly texted Osman: "We fear no one except Allah, we will not change our ways, we are proud to be a Muslim and we will not hide."

One of Hamid's expeditions was even filmed by a BBC television crew making a documentary called "Don't Panic, I'm Islamic".


An Islamic leader who called himself "Osama Bin London" groomed and corrupted young Muslims - including the 21/7 bombers - at terror training camps across Britain, a court has heard.

Mohammed Hamid, Mousa Brown, Mohammed al-Figari, Kibley da Costa and Kader Ahmed
Mohammed Hamid, Mousa Brown, Mohammed al-Figari, Kibley da Costa and Kader Ahmed

Mohammed Hamid told his followers the 52 deaths in the July 7 attacks on London were "not even breakfast to me", the jury was told.

Hamid organised Friday prayer groups at his home in East London and went on a camp in the Lake District with all four of the men convicted of the July 21 attempted bombings, Woolwich Crown Court was told.