Jail for young Muslim serial rapist

October 19, 2007, the Age, via AANCC

A 21-year-old serial rapist who attacked six women over four months in 2005, engendering fear in Melbourne's inner suburbs, has been jailed for 16 years with a minimum non-parole period of nine years.

While sentencing Sedat Avci today, County Court Judge Jeanette Morrish said she could not understand why the student, who came from a "good home with a loving family", had embarked on "such a cowardly, aggressive and violent campaign against decent, kind and defenceless women".

"No real explanation was proffered for your conduct," she said to him in the Victorian County Court today.

Avci - a former RMIT architecture student dubbed the "northern suburbs rapist" - attacked six women aged between 17 and 45 between April and August 2005, most of whom he grabbed from the streets near their homes ...

Mr Kaufman said Avci, one of five children who was raised a Muslim, had turned back to religion in prison.