a tangled web

It's the demographics, stupid. The number of people living in the United Kingdom will exceed 75 million by the middle of the century, population experts now believe. Rising immigration, a higher birthrate among migrant families and longer lifespans are on course to lift the population by at least 15 million by 2051, from last year's 60 million total. There are fears it could even hit 77 million. The proportion of the population that is non-white is on course to grow from 9 per cent at the last census in 2001 to 29 per cent in 2051. Women are now expected to have, on average, 1.84 babies each during their lives, compared with an expectation of only 1.74 two years ago. Foreign-born women living in the UK have, on average, 2.2 children. Pakistani-born women living here have an average of 4.7, whereas British-born women have only 1.6. Last year, 22 per cent of UK births were to foreign-born women. So, the British born birth-rate is way below replacement level whilst the non-British birthrate soars above it. Britain is well on course to becoming a foreign country. The vast surge in population growth is coming from immigrants, and in particular Pakistani immigrants. The rise of Islam in our nation is destined to change the face of Britain forever and we can thank our useless politicians for presiding over it, some may argue even engineering it!

Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2007