White South Africa to move to the USA?

why south africa sucks via midnight sun oct 07

UNBELIEVABLE!!; Afrikaner volk wanted in America!

This is simply unbelievable! A leading Republican activist, Robert J. Hoy, has proposed a plan whereby Afrikaners will be allowed to settle in America! (I sh*t you not!WOW!)

Hoy is the founder of the Southern Strategy-movement, a political initiative to counter the mass immigration legislation plans proposed by the Democrats. Hoy wants to propose a compromise with the Democrats whereby the amnesty of 25 million Latinos will be accompanied by a massive 'recruitment' of Afrikaners, Kiwis and Sheep-shaggers. One possibility would be to give these groups double-citizenship.

Hoy also said that this plan is also a way of letting the Afrikaner know that he has not been forgotten! (Once again..I sh*t you not! WOW! Seems like we Afrikaners are now FINALLY allowed out of the moral sh*t-house after 50 years!)

He also said that Afrikaners are; "People like us...fighting at the forefront against terrorism". (WOW!)

Justice Crispies!.....imagine us...the DOGS of the WORLD...being 'wanted' again! And just imagine when he actually pulls it off...and the whites leave en masse! Can you just imagine how fast Arsezania will collapse! Imagine no more whitey farmers, businessmen, teachers, scientists, doctors, auditors, engineers.....VLOK! ....Zim will look like Sweden compared to Arsezania then!