Netherlands: youth riot after fatal incident

Muslim invaders riot in Amsterdam

Immigrants Rioting Again

In a disturbing parallel to the French Muslim immigrant riots of last October, Moroccan immigrants over the last few weeks have been rioting in a suburb of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam suburb of Sloetervaart has seen an exceptionally violent week, with cars being set alight, and immigrant youths clashing with police on several consecutive nights.

The violence erupted after a 22 year old man of Moroccan origin was shot dead at a police station by a policewoman he had stabbed several times. You'll remember the French riots started after two muslim teenagers were electrocuted in an electrical substation whilst trying to evade capture from the police.

Street jihad

Last night also Amterdam Police commissioner, Bernard Welten, was on Television. He told the Dutch public that he was afraid of Paris style riots in Amsterdam. Thus defending his policy of do nothing, because so he said: “we need to keep the peace at all cost” ...

Also in todays newspaper was police commissioner Hans Schönfeld who is part of the Amsterdam police leadership. He told that the group that is terrorizing the Amsterdam neighborhood is known to the police.

“It’s a group of 35 boys age 12 to 18. They are serial criminals, vandalism, violence, theft, burglary, you name it. It never stops. It’s hard to believe what they all do.”
But the police can’t do much about it he tells us. If they arrest these street terrorists, they are set free by the judges who punish these “youths” very lightly:
“for example twelve days in jail for a burglary. Although these youths are serial offenders”