UK: Museum cancels race row scientist

BBC via VFR oct 2007

Museum cancels race row scientist

The Science Museum has cancelled a talk it was due to host by a geneticist, after he claimed black people were less intelligent than white people.

Dr James Watson, who won the Nobel Prize for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, was due to speak at the venue on Friday.

But the museum has cancelled the event, saying Dr Watson's views go "beyond the point of acceptable debate."


So, even though he would not be talking about his view that there are racial differences in intelligence, the bare fact that he has such a view meant that his planned host could not host him ...

This museum is finished. It might as well close itself down and go out of business, because it's just committed hara kiri.

At the very least it should change its name to "Museum Devoted to the Proposition that All Characteristics of All Living Things are Determined by Natural Selection, except for the Interior of the Homo Sapiens Skull"