Enough help already

andrew bolt via winds of jihad

Taxpayers provide Lebanese immigrants Mohamed (54) and Hanna El Husseini (45) with a house, pensions and a $783-a-fortnight parenting allowance because the couple is allegedly so poor and needing of charity.

As it happens, El Husseini, a convicted criminal who was jailed in the 1980s, doesn’t always live in this house he’s been given for a minimal rent and isn’t too poor for international travel, either:

I was in Lebanon looking after my sick mother when my wife rang me and told me six police cars and four sheriff’s cars had come.

But although the house is not always housing Mr El Husseini, it certainly has housed the following weapons and other illicit goods (without the El Husseini’s knowledge, they say):

* Two fully automatic rifles.

* Two semi-automatic rifles.

* A MAC-10 fully automatic pistol.

* A Browning pistol.

* A Smith & Wesson revolver.

* About 5000 rounds of ammunition and ammunition magazines.

* Two boxes of Glock pistols.

* Small resealable plastic bags containing drugs.

* Electronic scales.

* Solvent generally used to destroy forensic evidence, such as fingerprints.

* A fully automatic bill counter.

* 1.64 kilograms of what was believed to be amphetamines.

The couple’s response? It wants another handout ...