NSW: State school used for Shady purpose

oct 07 via downunder newslinks

A SERIES of Islamic lectures for Muslim students held on public school grounds by controversial speakers is being investigated by the State Government.

The fortnightly talks for males only includes regular speeches by youth leader Sheik Shady Suleiman who came under attack earlier this year for teaching it is "self defence" to kill children in war.

In a lecture titled Rulings on Performing Jihad Sheik Shady said while the Prophet condemned the killing of children, "if they are involved (in fighting) then you have to stop them".

The 29-year-old Sheik - considered a protege of former controversial Mufti Sheik Taj el-Dene Elhilaly - is booked to give the lectures at the Blaxcell Street Public School in Granville aimed at young men aged between 14 and 25.

Other scheduled speakers include Sheik Kamal Taleb, Sheik Tarek El-Bikai and Australian Islamic Mission president Zachariah Matthews ...

.. prominent Sydney cleric Khalil Shami has criticised Sheik Shady's involvement with youth, saying his message is "dangerous".

The lectures - which have been running for the past two months at the school - are now being reviewed by the Government after complaints from residents.