Africans have 'trouble settling here'

oct 02 the australian

"ANECDOTAL" evidence of problems among Sudanese arrivals is behind the Government's decision to cut its intake of African refugees, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews says.

The Federal Government has reduced the intake of Africans as a proportion of all refugee arrivals, from 70 per cent to 30 per cent over the past couple of years.

It has said previously the reduction was because conditions in some African countries had improved.

Sudan has been the scene of one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters stemming from the conflict in the Darfur region.

A spokeswoman for Mr Andrews said there were some signs to suggest Africans were having more difficulty settling into Australia than those from other parts of the world.

"It's more anecdotal (evidence)," she said, citing media reports of some serious crimes involving Sudanese ...

Opposition immigration spokesman Tony Burke said some migrants from all backgrounds had trouble settling into life in Australia.

But the Government could be doing much more to help new arrivals become accustomed to Australia, Mr Burke said.

"Labor is committed to having a cohesive Australia where integration works," he said.

"That's why Kevin Rudd established the integration portfolio last year, to make sure there are federal programs working so that new arrivals learn English and find employment." ...