Vic: Somali refugee recruited by Omran

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THE mother of an Islamic jihadist, who the Australian Government believes was killed fighting alongside terrorists in Somalia, says her son is alive and working with al-Qa’ida.

Khadra Nimale’s son Ahmed Ali went missing in December in east Africa while fighting against the Ethiopian-backed Somalian military.

Ms Nimale said relatives in Somalia believed her 25-year-old son had changed his name and was working as an interpreter with al-Qa’ida.

She has broken her silence to tell The Australian that her son was radicalised by Melbourne-based hardline clerics.

She accused Mohammed Omran - the head of the fundamentalist Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah association, who believes Osama bin Laden is a “good man” - of turning Mr Ali into a hardliner.

Mr Ali went missing in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on December 22, two weeks after he arrived with his pregnant wife, Aisha, and one-year-old girl, Hafsa ...

He was talking all the time about Sheik Omran,” she told The Australian in an exclusive Arabic and English interview at her Braybrook home, in Melbourne’s west.

I lost him,” Ms Nimale said as she cried.

She said Mr Ali would not have been radicalised had she and her 10 children remained in Somalia and not migrated to Australia in 1994, two years after her husband was killed in the African region while working as an army commander with the Somali Government.

I wish I did not come to Australia because he got in trouble in this country … they (radicals) took my son.”