Vic: Sad increase of youth violence

Adrian Tame, September 09, 2007 herald sun

Youths account for about a fifth of Victoria's population, yet they are our No.1 offender group. It's a trend that is being mirrored in many other countries, Adrian Tame reports

MINDLESS violence is becoming a fact of life for the young in our schools and suburbs as knife-wielding, pre-pubescent thugs terrorise pupils, teachers and parents.

Experts, shocked by the mayhem, fear it may be only a matter of time before we see a massacre similar to those that have crushed school communities across the US or the violence perpetrated by children that has riven communities in Britain.

Police and teacher unions blame broken homes, violent films and computer games for the alarming trend and have called for greater parental controls in the home ...

Some Australian parents are following a British trend, buying knife-resistant school uniforms made from Kevlar. And a colour-coded alert system was introduced to Victorian schools last month to inform parents and teachers of potential threats to pupils.

Hey Adrian, how about some righteous anger instead of this fatalistic sad-sack puke. And not one mention of the major cause of all this violence: diversity. The real sad thing is the media censorship of the truth. This article is a pathetic imitation of investigative journalism. Take your hat, pen, and notebook, flush them down the toilet, and go join the public service with the other PC parrots.

Diversity leads to youth feeling betrayed. Diversity is sensory assault: all things foreign (sights, sounds, smells) hit the subconscious with nauseating shocks - only the hardy label this a celebration. The youth have no respect for adults who dump them into melting pots and say "celebrate Johnny".

And the tension only escalates from there into violence.

NEWSFLASH ADRIAN!: the words "mindless violence" would be a cue to a real journalist. Mindless? Pig's arse. Everything happens for a reason.

"shocked", "crushed", "mirrored", "only a matter of time" ... wave that white flag loud and proud there buddy.